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The traditional Jammu and Kashmir women dressing style dress popularly worn by the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.The clothing of Jammu and Kashmir is prepared to suit the cold climate of the region. The richness of the tradition and culture of the state is reflected in the clothing of Jammu and Kashmir. The phirans are made for both the men and the women of the state of Kashmir. The ‘pheran’ worn by women are usually designed with attractive zari embroidery works done on the line. The ‘pherans’ worn by the Muslim women have broad sleeves that reach up to the knee.women wear the pheran, the voluminous Kashmiri gown, hemmed with a border and hanging in awkward folds. The long, loose pheran covers their physique no doubt, but does not blunt their physical appeal. Whereas a Muslim woman’s pheran is knee-length, loose and embroidered in front and on the edges, a Hindu woman’s pheran  touches her feet. These are designed in elaborate floral patterns or zari embroideries around the neck and the pockets. The long sleeves of this traditional attire are also adorned with brocade patterns. The Pashmina shawls are popular all over the world as they are made from traditional woollen fleece obtained from mountain goats. ‘Kasida’, one special Kashmiri embroidery work, is done in such a manner that the patterns appear in a uniform manner on both sides of the fabric.

There are 2 gowns which are consisting in the Poots and Pheran, for the Hindu women, it falls till their feet and for Muslim women, it is worn till the knees. region of Jammu Kashmir which is known as a Ladakh; is also well known as a Lamas land and the Buddhists who live in this area like to call their religion Lamaism. Lamaism is very similar to the Mahayana that is a form of Buddhism. Men of Ladakhi region like to wear woolen gowns which are grey in color, gown made of skin of sheep and it is fitting at the waist, various colors of caps, fur earlap in black color. Ladakhi women usually wear very colorful clothes. They also wear a headgear which is known as Perak, and it is made in the cloth of red color or skin of goat, they hang up the headgear till the forehead., and gonads or hats. People, adorned with gold and silver ornaments and turquoise headgears throng the streets during various Ladakhi festivals.

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